When will you use this?
You will be a senior professional who needs help in identifying next steps in your career planning. You may feel that your career has stalled, is at a crossroads or you may be thinking of moving into a completely different area. We will provide expert guidance and insight and equip you with the knowledge, confidence and practical tools to either transition into a new career or reenergise your existing one.

What will you experience?
We use a selection of well-established career tools plus our bespoke instruments and reflective exercises for identifying patterns and preferences for self-development and change. The programme helps you gain self-awareness, insight and clarity around skills and future goals, leading to a greater sense of career direction and certainty. A programme consists of:-

How will it help?
The programme will help you gain clarity around future career direction the types of career that may be open to and suitable for you and guidance as to how to move into different areas in a successful and focused way. It offers practical help as well as a vehicle for personal reflection with the ongoing guidance and advice of an experienced careers coach who will help you through the process of, as appropriate, career selection and future steps.