A longstanding partner in a professional services firm acknowledged as an expert in her field nevertheless fell victim to strategic changes within the firm and market conditions. Having been dedicated to her firm, being let go in her early 50s was a huge shock and a devastating blow to her confidence and self-esteem. The Career Contours programme allowed her to process her feelings and begin to rationalise what had happened. She was then able to begin to clarify her objectives for the remaining years of her career and develop a strategy to achieve them. Exploring her strengths and re-engaging with her network were vital steps in this process. Having considered a number of options she developed a persuasive business case and was able to secure a new role as a partner, while managing the exit from her former firm on good terms.

A senior professional in his early 40s had become increasingly unhappy and dissatisfied at work. Feeling trapped in his organisation and stuck in his career had also impacted on his home and personal life. When offered voluntary redundancy he accepted without a clear idea of what to do next. Working with us enabled him to clarify for the first time in his career what he really enjoyed doing and what he did well. Realising that one of his key strengths was in building relationships, he worked to develop a strategy for translating good relationships into new business, and put into place plans for a portfolio career including consultancy work as well as working for his own new clients. A better work/life balance and renewed self-belief has made him happier at work and at home.


"The sessions ..enabled me to thoroughly assess myself and my circumstances. This included analysing what went wrong (with my former employer), my strengths and my weaknesses and how I wanted to approach my future career."

"The programme was very useful for me and my only regret is that I did not do this earlier in my career."

"The meetings I had were excellent as they enabled me to review my situation and to assess what had happened... which was vital in re-building my confidence after a traumatic period.."

"My sessions were immensely helpful, so thank you for helping me through the most stressful period of my life so far. Onwards and upwards as they say. "