When will you use this?
It may be that you are experiencing a degree of uncertainty, a dip in confidence, a nagging doubt as to whether you are in the right job or perhaps a sense of being 'stuck'. Interests and motivations can change over time but it can be difficult to recognise this or know how to respond. You may need external help in working through and reviewing your ideas and concerns in a confidential setting with non-judgemental and informed experts.

By taking stock, reflecting on your working life and revising your plan for the next few years you can gain a new impetus and sense of purpose. You will be better able to manage your own career, initiate changes and appropriate career conversations rather than wait for others to take decisions for you.

What will you experience?
You can choose from a range of modules to put together an effective bespoke programme, using an established career-planning methodology. This will help you evaluate your aspirations, drivers, personality and working style and enable you to understand the person you are and want to be. In turn, you will feel more confident about your working identity and have a template for future success.

Working with your own experienced career coach, you will have a number of tailored one-to-one sessions — your coach can help you brainstorm options, teach you how to network effectively and explore alternatives. You will develop a personal action plan and identify development goals to move to the next stage. If you are actively considering an alternative career, your coach will help inform your thinking and reality check the viability of trying something different. Our consultancy team has built up extensive knowledge of career options and effective ways of researching them.

How will it help?
Our aim is to help you engage in your career-planning process in an open, receptive and informed way. In undertaking this intensive programme you will become more aware of your unique blend of talents and thus have more certainty about either the development of your current career or whether an alternative route may better suit your ambitions. As well as a better understanding of yourself and your options we can help you find a practical way forward.