A recently qualified professional was unsure about her options in a difficult market, with little confidence in her ability to secure a role in her chosen career. Within the programme, she was able to explore her key career achievements and skills. She was also able to recognise that she could use these to address potential weaknesses in her applications. Encouraged by this process she was then able to develop her own personal job search strategy, making effective use of her contacts and building a powerful network of potential employers. Talking to these contacts and letting them know what she could offer developed her confidence enormously. When her networking efforts produced an interview, she was able to present herself effectively and was delighted to be offered the role she wanted.

A young professional client was devastated when she was made redundant. Although she had worked extremely hard, she blamed herself for the redundancy and questioned whether she was ‘up to the job'. She was at a loss as to what to do next and finances were precarious. Initially convinced that she had not achieved anything worthwhile in her career, working through the coaching sessions gradually helped her to build up much greater insight into what her strengths were and to recognise the many resources within herself which could help her meet the current challenge of finding a new role. She gained confidence in projecting her sense of purpose and commitment and worked hard on developing her professional networks. Having established where she felt she could add the most value and the type of career that would best suit her in the future, she was able to secure an offer in a different type of organisation where she could still use some of her skills but where she could also develop new strengths to suit her personality and motivations.


"An excellent and helpful service, carried out in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere."

"It was extremely useful to speak to someone independent regarding what I had to offer – I realised that I had many skills and possible options. It gave me a tremendous boost."

"A ‘must' opportunity allowing you to gather your strengths and discuss concerns in a secure and supportive environment."