Making good career decisions has never been easy, particularly so in the current economic climate. Success requires a clear understanding of your unique blend of strengths and skills and what truly motivates you. Our specialist expertise will help you develop a strong awareness of what you have to offer, inform your choices and assist you in developing a personal action strategy to achieve your goals and equip you with more confidence about your future path. An experienced career coach will help you through the process using established tools within a tailor-made programme to fit your needs. We provide knowledge and help over a wide range of careers and understand ways of researching and analysing them.

Career Contours can help at different stages of your career:-

Career Beginnings – for students and recent graduates making first-time career choices.

New Horizons – for individuals with some experience in the workplace wanting to reflect on or rethink their career choices and plan for the future.

Senior Career Analysis and Planning – An in-depth programme for senior professionals looking for clarity in identifying next steps in career direction or choice.