When will you use this?
You may be facing a variety of decisions about your future career path as you reach the end of student life. You may have some ideas but want to explore them more fully. Or you may be finding it difficult to identify a sense of direction and purpose faced with several possibilities. You might welcome the opportunity to assess your strengths and motivations and to better understand what different careers can offer you.

We recognise that young people often find that choosing and getting started in a career is a real challenge and, whilst friends and family are well-meaning, they may not have enough knowledge of careers to offer informed, independent and specialist help. We have a wealth of experience in helping young people assess the types of career that may suit them and equip them with the knowledge to move into the workplace.

What will you experience?
Our programme will be tailored around your specific needs and will involve an in-depth analysis of your personal history, preferences, motivations and skills. You will benefit from intensive one-to-one sessions with your own experienced coach, who will help you apply this knowledge to the world of work. You will be given practical help and advice on careers that may be of interest to you.

A programme consists of:-

Additional modules are available:-

How will it help?
We offer impartial advice, guidance and informed analysis to provide focus and clarity. We help you take stock of your abilities, explore and analyse various career options and equip you with the confidence to take the first steps in your career. By working with us you will get more than an analysis of options — you will be able to take action and achieve real progress towards a successful start in your working life.

Typical issues we have worked with include:-