A recent graduate consulted us for help with focussing on the right career path. She had applied for many different kinds of jobs, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, but none had progressed beyond first interview stage. Her confidence had waned and she felt lost.

In a short series of intensive coaching sessions she explored her strengths, skills and motivations and both short and longer term career goals. With our help, she was able to bench-mark these against a number of career options and types of role which interested her. Further exploration of her values and practical requirements enabled potential career paths to be narrowed down into options, which she found extremely attractive and to which she could feel fully committed.

The next part of the coaching programme involved detailed assistance with developing an effective job search strategy. Interview practice was crucial in developing confidence to demonstrate the necessary skills and competencies for the roles she was applying for. Shortly after finishing the programme she succeeded in progressing through a very demanding selection process and was offered a role she was delighted with.

A graduate in his second year of employment felt he had already become 'stale' and demotivated, despite earning an attractive salary and initially feeling excited by his chosen career. He felt he had made a serious mistake and was tempted to resign, although unsure of the next step.

The coaching process enabled him to examine his personal competencies in detail. He began to realise that his rapid career progression had focussed him into a role where he was using the same few skills repeatedly — yet other skills and strengths were underutilised and he had lost the opportunity to continue learning and developing. At the same time, he had been promoted into a role where he felt that some of his weaker areas were exposed. He was feeling continually stressed as a result.

Armed with greater confidence and self-awareness, and the realisation of what potential he had to offer, he was able to approach his employer with an analysis of how he felt he could perform better within the organisation. He was able to negotiate a move to a role where he could develop and demonstrate a wider range of skills, where he would be stretched and stimulated.


"I felt really daunted by the whole process of working out what to do after uni. The sessions helped me to see what I had to offer and gave me the confidence to get the ball rolling."

"My career coach was great — friendly, helpful, highly skilled and encouraging."

"I learnt so much about myself! It helped focus my thoughts, analyse options and come to conclusions much more quickly than I could do myself."

"Leaving university, I had absolutely no idea what to do. My coach helped me enormously and I am now really excited, having been offered a job in an area I had never considered. Thank you."